We Started the Top Secret Comedy Club 7 years ago in the heart of Covent Garden in the Africa Centre after a 6 month email campaign to the ‘trusties’ (who in the end could not be trusted and sold the building) Eventually and kindly they let us rent a small part of the building for our new Stand up Comedy Club and we set up our first weekly comedy Friday night there. 6 months more of emails later and we extended to 2 nights a week, Fridays and Saturdays. Another 6 months of pleading and we were allowed to rent from Wed-Saturday and then after another protracted negotiation (coincidently 6 months!) we were allowed to rent on a monthly basis and open every night! A year and half since our first night and we had a full time comedy club!

Two years later, (Three and a half years into our life… just when we were a vulnerable toddler) the Africa Centre trusties announced that we were to close with 2 weeks notice ,that they had sold the building… wow!!

Luckily we found someone who was in as desperate situation as we were with his new restaurant and almost completely un-used basement, we saved his ass and he saved ours, the patron Saint of Top Secret, Mohamed of Cafe Mode; on the strength of a handshake and a bit of paper that my mate Gary (who had a law degree from Oxford, but who had never practiced) drew up, we paid Mo a chuck of cash and a monthly sum and made his empty basement our new home!

Two and a half years later  we bought the lease from Mohamed for all the money we ever made. (yea!? he screwed us!! but thats ok!) We had our own club in our own building!! hurray!!
So now we have two comedy venues a snug little venue for one hour specials on the ground floor seating 75 and a banging basement space for big shows with a 220 capacity.

We are supported by the very best stand up comedians on the U.K. and London’s stand up comedy scene, with regular big name drop ins who like to use our venues to work on new material for tours or sets for TV. Dangerously cheap bar too! We have the highest rating of any comedy club in the U.K. on Trip Advisor and on Google Reviews, please take a look at what the 100’s of people who have visited our place and experienced the shows have to say on TripAdvisor or Google+.

Because we are renowned for the best young and vibrant crowds on the stand up comedy venue scene: AMY SHUMER, ANDI OSHO, ANDY PARSONS, ASHLING BEA, DARA O BRIAIN, EDDIE IZZARD, ELLIE TAYLOR, HOLLY WALSH, JACK WHITEHALL, JASON MANFORD, JEFF GARLIN, JOHN BISHOP, JUDAH FRELANDER, KATHERINE RYAN, LEE NELSON, LOUISA OMELIAN,  MICKY FLANAGAN, PAUL CHOUDHRY, REGINALD D HUNTER, RICH HALL, ROB BECKETT, RUSSELL HOWARD, SARA PASCOE, SEANN WALSH, SIMON AMSTELL, TREVOR NOAH (and others who i can’t remember right now?!) have all come down and jumped on stage to work out new jokes and practice sets before they go on tours or TV gigs etc.

We have the best Stand up Comedians in the world and the U.K. “popping in” to try out new stuff all the time. Which means you get to see the hottest comedians in the intimate setting of a live Stand up Comedy Club.

We are rated the best comedy club in the country on Trip Advisor and Google reviews so you know you will be well looked after and treated to an awesome night of the best stand up comedy this side of the atlantic.

With all of this it’s easy to see why we are no longer a Top Secret Comedy Club.