Eric Lampaert

Comedian Profile

Winner of the Latitude Comedy Best New Act of the Year Competition 2010

“Delightfully Weird … ““ TIME OUT

“Quirky, with an eye for the absurd and a couple of near-Izzardian flourishes” ““ THE STAGE

Eric Lampaert finally grew tired of the stagnant confines of his mother’s womb on the 4th October 1986. He wanted out of that amniotic hell and began using his umbilical cord as a set of primitive reigns to direct her hapless body. Catastrophically, even at that age Eric exhibited a shockingly limited attention span and became distracted, causing his mother to deposit his gangly form in the tiny French town of Hirson.

Due to his father’s penchant for kicking horses for money, they soon left the bucolic bliss of rural France and moved to Belgium (where there is little else to do and Jockeys are given thrones and blowjobs). Here, amidst acute linguistic confusion Eric uttered his first words ““ they were Dutch. Within a few months he had developed a near-fetishistic love of wooden footwear and to this day enjoys nothing better than watching hardcore pornography whilst dressed as a windmill.

“Sweeping up the audience in the sheer energy of his performance. The strength of his scatty character rips through the room like a mini-hurricane, destroying complacency and raising the spirits” ““ CHORTLE

For the next twelve years, Eric pursued a kind of nomadic existence, living wherever there was a demand to watch horses running around. This took him to Germany, Italy, South Africa and Dubai. Meandering like a deranged Michael Palin meant he lost the Dutch and instead, became fluent in French and loneliness. Never having time to settle down and make friends – even the imaginary ones chose to shun him – he was forced to begin a grubby affair with his own brain.

“Superb banter that was clearly improvised ““ The sign of a good comedian” ““ THREE WEEKS

Eric soon found himself clawing at the white cliffs of Dover, desperate to taste the playful, sweet breezes of England. Alas, he wound up in Newmarket, and consequently was greeted by air, which by law undergoes a triple equine bum-filtering. This air also seems to render thirteen year olds heavily pregnant; just look at the statistics yer. Compounding this he was expected to learn English, and for reasons he still doesn’t understand, use it to do a bunch of other subjects (something about getting a proper job”¦he wasn’t really listening). Eric set about this task by funneling unhealthy quantities of crap TV directly into his cranium. Unctuous dollops of Eastenders would dissolve in the tepid sunshine of Neighbours, causing him to nurture a worryingly dichotomous personality, the likes of which would be better suited to night-stalking the cobbled smog of Victorian London. Soon he realized the error of his ways and fell in love with the like of Eddie Izzard and Christopher Morris.

“This is exactly what you want: gusto, affability and the ability to whip up an air of playful havoc” ““ THE FEST

Throughout this, Eric maintained an intense hatred for lazy clichés, but that didn’t stop him becoming the class clown. “Oh no he didn’t!” This brought massively undeserved social and bedroom-based success ““ something he was eternally grateful for, given that he was increasingly coming to resemble the lovechild of Tim Burton and a hairy lamppost. Eventually, recognizing that making a tit of himself was to be his only source of attention in life, Eric decided that the stage must be his destination. At first he though Musical Theatre but have you seen him dance? Its basically him thrusting his pelvis back and forth until someone stops him. Can be hours.

But since 2008, Eric’s play-dough face and weird grasshopper legs have been used on the stand up comedy circuit. And sometimes his face gets on the television, which can cause quite a stir. Some people think his face is CGI. It’s not. That’s his actual face and he loves it.

Bon Appétit

TV Credits:
Splendid (Pilot) ““ Magician Pictures
The Antidote (Pilot) ““ Brown Eyed Boy

Burke & Hare ““ Dir John Landis, Burke & Hare Productions

VH1 America
Virgin Atlantic

Casting Info:
Height ““ 6’3″
Eye ““ Brown
Hair ““ Light/Mid Brown
Casting Age 20-25
Languages ““ English & French (Fluent)