Alexis Guerreros

Comedian Profile

Alexis survived growing up in Newark, NJ and a single Cuban mother with a mean left hook. After being laid-off from a horrible (but well paying) corporate job, Alexis started comedy and never looked back. His wife has, many times, but he has not. Alexis performs nightly in NYC at clubs and has performed on television & festivals throughout the country.

How could we forget pizza? The guy knows way too much about pizza. Please don’t bring him to a pizza place you like, he’ll ruin it for you. I’m being serious. He doesn’t know I’m writing this.

“Alexis Guerreros is the funniest comedian I’ve ever seen” -Alexis Guerreros

Alexis isn’t just a hilarious comedian but he also does all these other things:

Cooligans (TV show) on Fubo Sports Network

Cooligans (podcast)

Kickin It (Web Show) on Complex

Prem Show (Web Show) on

Host for NYCFC media (MLS club)

Voice of 3 characters on BoJack Horseman