Benny Boot

Comedian Profile

Australian comic Benny Boot has been performing comedy in the UK for 8 years. He is considered by many comedians as a wonderful comedian to watch. Benny was a finalist in NBC’s Last Comic Standing and was invited to the Vancouver Comedy Festival in 2005. He has performed in Edinburgh as part of the Just The Tonic Showcase (2006), for the Pleasance Comedy Reserve (2007) and debuted his first solo show last year, “Set Up, Punchline”¦Pause for Laughter” (2011). Benny is set to return for his fourth Fringe run this summer.

Boot delivers his jokes in a unique style on variety of strange topics. His engaging persona & material keeps the laughter rolling through the entire show and is guaranteed to bring any audience undone.

“Benny Boot is the real thing. Charming, disarming, and proper fucking funny”
TIM MINCHIN (March 2012)

“Benny Boot offers something unique. I’m not sure exactly what it is, as I couldn’t concentrate – I was laughing too damn hard”
RUFUS HOUND (March 2012)

“He was on such fantastic form at the Altitude Festival this year I’d recommend him to anyone”

“Boot possesses an incredible sharpness of wit”

“Boot’s mind is a fecund and strange place and he has some of the most memorable jokes of the Fringe to prove it”

“He may come from down under but we should be loath to let them have him back”¦ Brilliant gags”