Cally Beaton

Comedian Profile

“Cally Beaton is one of the funniest new comics I’ve seen in the past five years. See her now before success or bitterness destroy her.” -Logan Murray, comedian, actor & author of Be A Great Stand Up

“Cally Beaton is an exciting and hilarious new talent, definitely one to watch. Sometimes you just know when someone’s got it – and she’s got it.” – Tim Arthur, Presenter BBC London & Former CEO Time Out

“Cally Beaton has a very funny and original comedic voice.” – Andy Engel, Gotham Comedy Club Director of New Talent

“Cally Beaton is a great new comedian who puts the war in heart warming stories of modern life; from what to do when your kids post pictures of your vibrator on Facebook, to finding HRT patches in unexpected places – like your new partner’s hair. A real one to watch. Love her!” – Charlotte Ashton, Creative Director, Comic Relief