Christian Schulte-Loh

Comedian Profile

Normally it’s not a good sign when a German steps on stage. It either ends in a world domination speech or in a Europop performance. Both cases have scared off generations and created a very well known stereotype: Germans are not funny – at least not on purpose.

Christian decided very early to change that stereotype. Having done his first English speaking performance in 2002 at an Open-Mic-Night in Belgium, he has very soon expanded his comedy territory: Belgium, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Canada and the UK have been parts of his world (domination) tour already.

His first solo show (“Stop Laughing, I am German!”) got excellent reviews and sell-out audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2009.

“Christian Schulte-Loh has created one of the most subversive acts ever. The gags have an astonishing freshness and power.” (The Spectator)

His 2010 Edinburgh shows are named “I am German, I should not be here!” (solo show) and “The Comedy World War” (Warlord and MC; with 3 international comics per night).

Christian has been gigging for The Comedy Store (UK), The SoHo Comedy Club (UK), Highlight (UK), MirthControl (UK), BudSuCS (Hungary), 123ComedyClub (Belgium/Holland) and many more.