Daniel-Ryan Spaulding

Comedian Profile

Daniel-Ryan Spaulding is a world-traveling comedian, seen in over 45 countries, he has established himself in the forefront of  the global comedy circuit. Described by Huffington Post as “brilliantly subversive” his comedy explores culture, identity, sexuality, stereotypes & personal confession.

He is now based in Berlin, where his youtube series “It’s Berlin!” has made him a local celebrity. He performs his solo shows to sold-out crowds in the city, and is currently aiming to develop “It’s Berlin!’ into a TV series.

He hit viral fame with his youtube video “If Gay Guys Said the Shit Straight People Say” with nearly 2 million hits . His youtube videos have been spotlighted on Huffington Post, College Humor, Boing Boing, Cosmopolitan, and UpWorthy.

As a true citizen of the world, he has a diverse connection to many countries. He lived in Norway for 2 years, and developed “Norgesveen” a show about Norwegian culture from an outsider’s perspective. He toured the show to 15 cities, with the viral video “Shit Expats Say in Norway” launching him to “mini-stardom” in Norway’s international community.

He is notably one of the first openly-gay comedians to tour throughout most of Eastern Europe. As a dual citizen of Canada and Croatia, he has performed throughout most of the Balkan countries: from the PANC Festival in Ljulbjana, to the Belef Festival in Belgrade. He stars in the hot-button video series “How to be Gay in Croatian” which has been featured on national television in Croatia (RTV, Nova TV,  Radio 101, Index.hr, Vijesti.hr)

He was once based Amsterdam, and is still a resident comedy at the Comedy Cafe Amsterdam. He toured his show “Red Lights & Rainbows” throughout in the Netherlands, and at comedy festivals throughout the world. (Edinburgh Fringe 2015, Fringeworld 2016)

His intelligent cultural and social observations, high-energy, and raw sense of humor have won him fans worldwide. From extensively touring his one-man show in Asia, to club gigs in South Africa.