Derek Ryan

Comedian Profile

“Questions most of us think about late at night… but it’s unlikely anyone has made them quite so hilarious before.”

– Three Weeks Edinburgh ****

“This guy will have you falling off your seat”

–  Metro

“This guy is a real thinking man’s comedian who is every bit as clever and thought provoking as he is funny”


Gentle in his outlook but passionate in his delivery, Derek Ryan is best known as a self-effacing & gag-heavy storysmith. Equally at home with the smart and the silly, the profane and the profound, his on-stage likeability disguises a keen wit and incisive world view, but from angles you might not expect. A warm-hearted & verbally dexterous performer who gets the audience onside within seconds, this veteran of the Irish circuit is set to become a hugely popular act in the UK.

Since the mid-noughties Derek has performed his nonsense all over Ireland, the UK, mainland Europe and in the U.S. from New York to L.A. A regular festival comedian, his two previous 1- hour shows “Mongrel” & “Time Lord” have been played to packed houses and he is currently working on his third solo show; “The Slaughterhouse Rules”.