Henrik Elmer

Comedian Profile

Currently based in Sweden, but performing regularly all over the world, Henrik makes frequent visits to the UK – and is always well-received.
Although rarely seen or heard on British broadcasting, Henrik is more than a little famous in his native Sweden, with appearances on numerous programmes that it would be fairly pointless to list here. He is currently working on a feature film, scheduled to be filmed in Sweden over the autumn of 2006, and is always in demand all over Scandinavia.

In August 2006 Henrik will take his first English-language solo show, “The Sweirdish Mind of Henrik Elmer”, to the Edinburgh Fringe. The show was born after Henrik had a great idea for a TV show and was looking for an unusual way to present it to channel and comedy commissioners. It showcases his absurdism, his surreally logical humour and his gift for quality writing.