John Moloney

Comedian Profile

“John Moloney is one of the most creative and professional comedians I have had the pleasure to work with – quick off the mark – John will have had the audience laughing three times in the time that it takes any other comedian to say ‘hello’…

…The comedy scene would be a poorer place without him.

John is a firm favourite of the Comedy Store – and a firm favourite of mine”

Don Ward – The Comedy Store

John Moloney has been a professional comedian for over twenty years, and has entertained audiences across the globe with his crafted, intelligent and original stand-up routines.

Winner of the Best Live Performer award for two years running at the London Comedy Festival, John has become one of Britain’s most in-demand comedy acts, a true comic talent.

John was also delighted to be nominated as ‘Best Live Stand-Up’ at the British Comedy Awards.

2008 saw John performing at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. John was also invited back to the Melbourne Festival in 2009 and was the hit of The Sydney Cracker Festival in 2009.