Jon Savoy

Comedian Profile

Jon Savoy is a comic on the outside looking further outside. Raised vegetarian and Jewish-but-not-really on a floating pile of garbage known to genetically superior locals as Staten Island, he rarely found himself in agreement with anyone about anything, and became comfortable voicing unpopular yet rational opinions as loudly as necessary and as descriptively as possible.

On stage, he’s developed a viciously cynnical yet oddly endearing, at times even adorably engaging presence that one notoriously unimpressible NY club booker called, “riveting”.

He has appeared on The Oxygen Network,, College Humor, and had supporting roles in two feature films currently streaming on Hulu. He has also performed at the 1st Annual Staten Island Comedy Festival, the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, the 2015 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, the 2017 Cape Fear Comedy Festival and the 2017 World Series of Comedy. He can be seen regularly in LA and NY as well as clubs across the country.