Justin Imposter

Comedian Profile

Starting off in Canada Justin first moved to the northeast of England to prepare himself for a comedy career in the U.K,  Quickly becoming a semi finalists in the Minehead Butlins Talent competition 1997, Justin then went on to, not only competing,  but also come 27th in the Roffey Village Fete best Winston Churchill impression 2001.

With his mix of mime and music and mind games and magic and movement and stand up and jokes and gags and improvisation and subtle innuendo and parody he has pinned himself down to one distinct voice. The repetitive nature of his joyous catchphrases that permeates his set such as ‘Have you got a sausage for the butler’ or ‘Bruce Springsteen isn’t the boss, he’s just a mug’ are a delight to behold and you will be repeating those words as you make your way home.

Sometimes there is a pause as he takes a moment to reflect on a serious matter which is close to his heart, that of injury by cheese. There are over 2 cheese related deaths each decade in Canada and this is a thing which has still not had the light on it that it should. Netflix and Conan and Mock the Week and Radio 4’s Just a Minute or all programs Justin regularly enjoys, and as such he cannot come recommended highly enough. Make sure to ask for a special mention and he’ll fart out your name to a tune of your choice.