Lee Nelson

Comedian Profile

Insert information hereSimon Brodkin is a British comedian who performs on the stand-up circuit and in comedy television series. He is best known for playing a character called Lee Nelson, but also performs as other comedy characters. Performing solo stand-up since 2004 (or earlier), he has also written for and appeared on the television shows Al Murray’s Multiple Personality Disorder in 2009, and Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show in 2010.

“As comic inventions go south London council estate geezer Lee Nelson is up with the best.”
Simon Horsford, The Daily Telegraph

“On the strength of the opening edition, Nelson, a baseball cap-wearing ‘sarf London’ geezer with a little Harry Enfield and even a strand or two of Norman Wisdom in his DNA, is surely destined for a bigger stage. His strengths lie in the quality of the material and the excellence of the banter with the audience.”
Martin James, The Sunday Times

“Nelson proves to be a decent update on the sort of character that Harry Enfield used to do so well in the Nineties. Kevin Bishop could learn a thing or two.”
Joe Clay, The Times