Leighton Roff

Comedian Profile

Leighton Roff is THE Jewish Autistic comedian on the scene or in his own words he’s absolutely Jewtistic! Leighton will take you on a journey into the challenges of being neuro diverse in a non-diverse world, calling on his relationships with family, friends and in the work world. Leighton has been performing since (July 2018) and loves to experiment with many different comedy styles from 1 liners to personal life stories,  all with the occasional self deprecation in the hopes of turning his Diff-abilities into a silver lining of social acceptance and understanding through comedy. He has taken the London open mic circuit by storm, excelling at some of the toughest competitions/gong events with many successful appearances, He has found that some love him (which he finds awkward), some don’t (which he finds awkward) and others have never heard of him which he quite likes but still finds it awkward. Achievements in comedy: Top secret gong show (London)-winner. Vauxhall comedy club, ding dong gong show –  winner, Comedy store , king gong (London) – runner up twice. Comedy store , King gong (Manchester) completed the five minutes. Up the Creek comedy club , Beat the black out- completed the five minutes seven times.