Mark Palmer

Comedian Profile

Mark Palmer has been performing and honing his skills for over 11 years becoming one of South Africa’s most sought after comedians and he is now based in the UK. Mark brings you great comedy with no harmful side-effects. What? No Vulgarity, No Cringing, No Embarrassing Situations? Oh yes … once you see Mark live you will never forget him! Mark gets his material from the daily perils of being newly married, babysitting other people’s kids, airport madness, the advances of technology and general social commentary on every day life. But you are thinking it must be difficult to work clean all the time, right? “Clean comedy is easy. Funny comedy is hard.” Mark is both.

Mark has appeared in a long-list of international TV commercials as well as featuring in episode 1 of the second season of the British comedy hit TV series, Beaver Falls.

“He’s great at slice-of-life comedy, and deftly gives a wide range of subjects a sharp nudge in the ribs…….The Cape Times”

“First rate comedic therapy – The Writing Studio”