Matt Hutchinson

Comedian Profile

Matt is a doctor – this has made his parents very proud. He’s also a stand up comedian, this has made his parents very confused. They have relaxed a bit, now he performs in clubs they have actually heard of – including the Comedy Store, Backyard and Covent Garden.

He sometimes meets them half way, and performs science comedy as part of the Science Showoff Talent Factory, in venues including the Science Museum.

Back when he was younger and still trying to be cool, he was a DJ – playing in places including the Secret Garden party, Ministry of Sound and Egg London. 2 of his productions were broadcast on XFM (now Radio X). He now brings these skills to comedy – with the show Mixtape, a comedy block party. This mixed bill show enjoyed a successful run at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe and will be making a return at London venue in the near future.

He has been a Semi Finalist in the So You Think You Are Funny and Amused Moose comedy competitions – a record he is hoping to improve on in this year’s BBC New Comedy Award!