Paul Sweeney

Comedian Profile

“Paul Sweeney swishes about the stage like a surreal tea caddy, liberally tickling our funny bones with his marvellous, unusual, quercine humours” – Paul Foot

Paul Sweeney is a fast-rising young performer who blurs the line between stand- up and rock star with his sharp, self-deprecating and original comic songs. Paul is quickly making a name for himself. His wildly imaginative style of musical comedy, combined with his own eclectic taste and unique sensibility, is in turn both entertaining, beguiling and infinitely charming.

Paul has been performing as a comedy actor since 2000. He is currently taking on the London stand up circuit, both entertaining and befuddling, with his wildly imaginative style of comedy.

He has successfully written, produced and performed in his own mockumentary ‘THE END IS COW’. The pilot of which has been shown at various screenings in London, and can viewed at

Other credits include; Time Out Magazine’s critics choice ‘The Rain Emperor’, ‘Smash and Grabs’ Games Bastard at Punk.

“he’s fresh, funky, new and original, a breath of fresh air on the comedy circuit and he’ll knock people out with his funny jokes and his bushy hair” – Patrick Monahan

“Brilliant, bubbly personality, bursting with talent. Showing a more varied style of humour. The mix of music and comedy one of the highlights of the free fringe.” – Funny, Free, Fringe

Paul Sweeney & Tom Webb ““ Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010

Paul Sweeney and his Imaginary Friends Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009