At The Top Secret Comedy Club we are serious about the health and  the safety of our guests and in response to the coronavirus have set out the following straight forward rules  that audience members  must follow  to  reduce the risk of spread of our new friend, the COVID19 virus.

Masks: Yes! We Follow Government advice for theatre and  wear masks at all times in the venue.

Money: To ensure maximum safety we have gone completely cash-less, please remember cards/contactless.

Seating: As per government advice we have dramatically  reduced the number of audience members.  Keep two empty seats  between your group and any other group.. All rows have been separated to 2m and/or separated  with clear PVC sheets between them to separate the rows of audience from each other.

Sanitising: There are sanitising stations through-out the venue and upon entrance, guests are required  to sanitise. Please also wash hands in breaks in our brand new toilets!. We are also collecting all emails on ticket purchase should you need to be contacted.

Staff: All staff  wear face coverings when dealing with guests and keeping social distance measures.

Bar: We now serve drinks directly to your seats so there is no more need for you to gather in front of the bar.. Simply join our public WiFi (TSCCGuest)  log on to the website using the QR code next to your row of seats. Order your drinks from your phone with your debit/credit card and  seating location. Those drinks will be brought to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further assistance. Look forward to seeing you soon and laughing while NOT catching COVID 19!