Anna Clifford: Work In Progress


Saturday, 18 Sep

Price: FREE

“I can’t tell if I am being ghosted or that person is practising social distancing very well”

Watch Irish comedian Anna Clifford’s work in progress show as she dissects the cruel millennial practice of ‘Ghosting’ while sharing her own stories of dating, family and wellness retreats that are frightfully funny!

What’s a Work In Progress/Preview show?

Work In Progress and Preview shows gives established acts a chance to test new material and develop their longer form solo shows for TV appearances, tours and festivals. As an audience member you’ll be helping them shape their shows and find out what works and what doesn’t as they will be often be trying fresh new material and ideas alongside their best jokes!

Shows are normally free or low cost but you can make a voluntary donation at the end of show if you enjoyed it and wish to contribute to the comics and the venue to support us and live comedy.

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