Ben Van Der Velde: Fablemaker (Preview)


Thursday, 23 May

Price: FREE / FEE concesssion

Join Ben on an improvised comedy adventure as he creates thrillers, fairy tales, courtroom dramas and more out of thin air, with a supporting cast of thousands that live in his head. Every single show will be different as Ben uses his black-belt crowd work skills to tell a story that’s never been told before and never will be again.

Whipsharp…with an air of mischievous mayhem…his hit rate is impressive, while his in-the-moment style creates a buzz of excitement in the room.” Steve Bennett, Chortle

“Wonderfully improvised riffs showcasing his impressive spontaneity and sharp tongue.” Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“He is a master of audience interaction. The audience weren’t just warmed up, but pretty hysterical even before the first act of the night hit the stage.” Huffington Post

“On flights of fancy, he pushes ideas to extremes and displays a crackling, spontaneous energy in which we’re swept up.” Fest

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