Sarah Mills: Badass (Work In Progress) – 1 Hour


Thursday, 7 Jul

Price: FREE

At the beginning of 2018, writer/performer Sarah Mills is winning at life: she has the bachelorette pad, a job she doesn’t hate and a clutch of friends who make her feel she’s living in a glossy 90s sitcom. Now all she needs is a fella. But instead of finding a handsome prince, she finds blood in her poo. It’s Bowel Cancer. The next 2 years are spent swapping dresses for Hospital gowns and booze for laxatives as Sarah adjusts to a life with a disability and the newfound knowledge she can’t even trust her own BUM not to kill her. This is her story, in all its painfully funny, gory detail. ‘Heartfelt, important, and very very funny’ (ITV1’s Rob Rinder)”

We like to make our shows accessible to everyone, so this show is free entry.
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