Jojo Sutherland

Comedian Profile

Jojo Sutherland trained as an actor before becoming a professional stand up in 2002 and can be seen performing in major comedy clubs across the UK & Europe. She has toured with Jenny Eclair , 4 poofs and a piano and most recently with Tom Stade. A regular contributor to radio she can be frequently heard on BBC radio Scotland’s Macaulay and co, Comedy cafe and Call Kaye and will be hitting the film screens this autumn in Martyr Harry and in a short film starring Josie Long called Let’s go Swimming. She also stars in a new 6 part sketch show alongside Viv Gee and Pauline Goldsmith which they have co written and is currently airing on BBC Radio Scotland every Friday at 1.45pm

Jojo also provides warm up for many TV sitcoms including ” The Old Guys” and soon to be aired Secret dude society starring The Pappy’s

She has performed at The Edinburgh Festival since 2000 with her own theatre company OneHanded Women which has written and produced several shows including “Wife Idol – The Rivals” which was based on Jojo’s own experience of the award winning channel 4 programme Wife Swap which she and her family appeared on in 2004
In 2006 Jojo performed her first full length stand up show “Funny Money” to great acclaim which portrayed her childhood where she was brought up in a castle with her eccentric parents.
In 2009 Jojo performed her second stand up show “Jojo Sutherland stands up for herself” at the famous Stand Comedy Club which charted the different life chosen for her by debt and divorce
2010 saw her return to The Stand as part of a record number of females performing a solo show -Jojo Sutherland Goes for the Jocular
Jojo also runs workshops with Universal comedy which uses comedy to promote health and well being with people who suffer long term ill health or mental health problems and has just finished a tour of hospitals where she was performing in a production called “health scare – the musical”

What the critics say:
A conversational style with humour so interwoven it seems effortless.
Far funnier and more inventive than anyone has the right to expect. Evening News