Lisa Curry

Comedian Profile

Lisa Curry is a Los Angeles-based comedian and writer. She began her comedy career as part of Second City Hollywood’s house improv ensemble, and now performs standup nightly around L.A.. Between 2014 and 2015, Lisa completed two national standup tours, ‘Walk of Shame Tour’ and ‘Road Kill Comedy Tour’. In early 2017, Lisa was profiled by PBS for their docu-series, ‘Angeleno.’ In July, she completed her second run of headlining shows across the U.S.. Immediately following her Summer Tour, Lisa landed a staff writing job on ‘Trivial Takedown’ on Fuse and is now a staff writer on TruTV’s ‘Comedy Knockout’. As a writer, Lisa has helped to develop three original series and wrote an ad campaign for Comedy Central. She divides her time between Los Angeles and New York, where she often works with Lady Parts Justice and is a correspondent for State of Mind Media. Most recently, Lisa performed on the four-time Emmy Award-winning ‘The Mystery Hour’ at the legendary Gillioz Theatre in Springfield, Missouri. Her work is best described as dark and socio-political.